Full Spectrum vs Isolates

  • When one is shopping for CBD oils, there are a few decisions to make.  One of these decisions are if you should buy a full spectrum, broad spectrum or an isolate.  What’s best for you?  We’re here to give you information to make that decision.  Let’s get started

    There are over 100 different naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  The most studied ones are obviously THC and Cannabidiol. There are many other cannabinoids that we’re continuing to learn about and their potential benefits.  Not all plants are the same and this applies to cannabis as well.  Different strains can have different cannabinoids and different concentrations of these cannabinoids.  In the plant you also have terpenes and flavonoids and other cannabinoids.  When these contents are extracted from the plant, the contents determine if it is an isolate, broad, or full spectrum oil. 

    Full spectrum

    A full spectrum CBD contains all the compounds that are found in the plant in nature.  All the terpenes, flavonoids, oils, everything.  All these compounds work as a team to provide greater therapeutic effects than just one cannabinoid.  In studies, full spectrum oils provide greater symptom relief.  Since full spectrum oils can contain the whole spectrum of cannabinoids, THC will be one of the included cannabinoids and will be in a concentration of less that 0.3% in keeping with federal law.

    Broad Spectrum

    Broad spectrum oils are just like full spectrum oils, but in the extraction process, the THC is completely removed.  Many people like broad spectrum and isolates for this very reason as many are subject to random drug testing and due to differences in testing strategies and employer policies, they can’t afford to fail a test.  Broad spectrum CBD provides most of the same entourage effect that the full spectrum oils do, except with THC removed.  No THC, no potential for failed tests. 


    CBD has been isolated from the other Cannabinoids.  Just like the name states.  This is the purest form of CBD with all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids removed.  This makes for a odorless, colorless product that is pure CBD. This delivers the benefit of CBD, odorless and colorless and generally considered safe.  It also does not contain any THC so there is no chance for a positive drug test.  The downside is that it’s not the whole plant. 


    • CBD isolated from other plant substances.
    • Pure
    • CBD offers most of the benefits that the other cannabinoids offer
    • No failed drug tests

    Broad Spectrum

    • Full spectrum is extracted but THC is removed.
    • Provides most of the entourage effect
    • No Failed drug tests

    Full Spectrum

    • Full Spectrum CBD oil that contains all the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes from the plant
    • Less processes required to extract material
    • Studies show that full spectrum products can offer better relief of symptoms with increasing doses.
    • The downside is that THC is one of the cannabinoids and has the potential to fail a urine drug screen.  Contains less than 0.3% THC as per federal guidelines.