Extraction Methods

There are a variety of extraction methods and this may cause some confusion.

The products we sell use the Following:

  1. Palmetto Harmony- "proprietary extraction method"
  2. Medterra, Hemp Bombs, Cannazall-- CO2 extraction
  3. Lazarus Naturals -- Alcohol extraction


CO2 extraction method

  • At high pressures, and low temps, co2 acts like a solvent and extracts CBD from the plant.
  • co2 is safe
  • pure product is created
  • less chance from contamination
  • effective
  • Expensive

Alcohol Extraction

  • extracts full range of cannabinoids
  • also extracts chlorophyll which can cause unpleasant taste, filtering chlorophyll removes some of the potency
  • it is possible that it may contain chlorophyll or contaminants

Olive Oil Extraction

  • Safe
  • Easy to do at home
  • Low yields
  • Perishable

Butane Extraction

  • Butane is mildly toxic, can cause some issues and I will not recommend this method of extraction.  I don't know of and cannot find any companies that use this method.