Medterra Cannabidiol Isolates

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Medterra was started by a group of individuals who are passionate about cannabis and the power of CBD products.  They believe that Cannabidiol should be available to all at an affordable price.  They are also focused on removing the stigma associated with cannabis and providing education on the miracle plant.  The members of their team have dedicated their lives to learning the intricacies of all the processes, from farming to extraction and quality control. 

Medterra is unique in that they provide seed to sale purchases.  The hemp is Kentucky grown and each and every product is third party tested for quality and consistency.

Medterra's dedication to the customer is in line with our vision at Peyt's Promise and is one of the reasons we were thrilled to add them to our lineup.  Friendly People and Affordable Prices.  I can honestly say that on the business side of things the service they provide is as amazing as their products.

Medterra offers MedOils, Capsules, and daily supplements.  If you're interested in any of their products please let us know.