Why You Should Avoid Vaping CBD Oil

Why You Should Avoid Vaping CBD Oil

September 05, 2019

With CBD oil taking over the news lately, you've definitely thought about trying it out for yourself. 

Vaping seems like an easy way to take CBD -- but is it safe? 

In this post, we'll let you know why you should always avoid vaping CBD oil. 

Then, learn where you can get superior alternative CBD products that put your safety first

1. Simply Put: Vaping Is Bad for You

Is vaping CBD safe? 

In a word: no. 

In fact, incidents of lung disease and other respiratory issues linked to vaping have been consistently rising over the past year.

So, what about all those claims from vaping companies arguing that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking? Well, that may not be so true after all. 

As of this writing, roughly 215 cases of severe lung disease have been reported as a consequence of vaping. 

2. Vaping Makes It Hard to Control Dosage

You want to get all the benefits of CBD, but remember that often, less is more. 

Taking more CBD than you need to know is just wasteful -- and it won't intensify or speed up the effects in any way. 

When you use CBD vape products, it can be incredibly tough to control your dosage. Especially if you need to keep careful track of how much you've used, vaping simply isn't the way to go.

3. You Don't Really Know What You're Vaping

Especially if you're shopping for CBD vape oil by price, you're increasing the likelihood that you'll come into contact with some pretty dangerous chemicals and toxins. 

Recently, the presence of cuticle wax in CBD vape juice has become a major point of discussion.

Cuticle wax can collect in the lungs and clump together, causing serious respiratory issues down the line.  

In quality CBD production, the outer lipid layer of hemp/cannabis plants is either burned or winterized away -- and then proven to be safe for consumption by third-party testing. 

Disreputable CBD vape oil companies also don't conduct third-party testing on the products they provide to customers. Instead, they asking you to simply "take them at their word" that the CBD vape juice is free from toxins. Not only is this potentially dangerous, but it also proves that these companies don't care about the integrity of their products. 

Additionally, thinning agents and known carcinogens like propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol are frequent ingredients in vape juice. 

It's just not worth it.

4. The Effects Wear off Quickly

Yes, vaping CBD oil means that you may experience the effects of CBD within a shorter amount of time than with other methods. 

However, it also means that the positive effects will wear off much faster. 

For those in search of longer-lasting relief, this simply isn't ideal. 

Plus, because the effects of CBD vaping don't last as long, you'll end up running out of it soon -- and paying more for those frequent replacements. 

Need an Alternative to Vaping CBD Oil?

Here's the good news. 

There are tons of ways to enjoy CBD that don't require you to put your health at risk by vaping CBD oil. 

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