Why buy high quality oils?

Why buy high quality oils?

April 03, 2019

There are a lot of factors that go into making high quality hemp cbd oils but it really is that important to know any of the details?  Should you know where your hemp was from, how it was grown or extracted, or the quality of the final product?  Absolutely.  I recommend knowing all of these questions before you buy ANY product.  Even if you choose not to buy from us, these are answers you should know or else it's just a crap shoot on what you'll end up owning. 

There are a lot of reputable brands providing high quality oils and a lot of less than honorable brands just want to take advantage of you.  One example would be the plethora of companies selling products on Amazon and Ebay.  I'm sure you've seen someone selling " CDB " oil, or hemp oil and slying alluding that it is in fact CBD oil.  It is against the Terms of Service to sell CBD on either of those sites and I'd consider any CBD product on either platform to be sketch. 

The easiest way for you, the consumer, to know what you're getting is real is to look for a third party analysis.  This means that it will be from an INDEPENDENT LAB.  Anyone can make claims, but if it is verified it carries significantly more weight.  All great brands will have an analysis available but some take it a step further and have the lab analyze for heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals.  This is further reassurance that the product is exactly what the company is saying that it is.

Reviews are sort of tricky as we live in a time of paid reviewers, fake reviewed and dishonest reviewers.  While reading reviews has some benefit, some of these reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

One last tidbit of information would be looking at various distributor's advertising methods.  Are they bashing other companies in order to make their product look better? Are they making unreasonable and unrealistic claims?  Think about these two questions.  Is the company alleging to sell FDA approved CBD oil?  Well, there's only one FDA approved CBD oil, and it's made by GW Pharmaceuticals and is called Epidiolex.  If you're hearing otherwise then that company is lying to you.

At Peyt's Promise, we believe you should take charge of your health and make yourself the healthiest you possible.  CBD can be a great addition and finding the right quality product can help you on your journey