How do I identify a high quality CBD oil?

How do I identify a high quality CBD oil?

March 25, 2019

As you search the market to find the brand of CBD oil that fits your needs, you will no doubt become overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices.  At Peyt's Promise we have done a lot of research and have a nice selection of quality products.  I and have attempted to list most of the COAs from the products although I still have some work to accomplish.

As a consumer, we live in a time where outrageous claims are made and there are many unscrupulous sellers.  You should know some important facts about the CBD oil that you are planning on purchasing. There are a few items you should specifically know regarding any product that you plan to buy.

1. How is the CBD processed?  

  • There are a number of ways to process CBD.  Butane, Vegetable oil, Ethanol and supercritical co2.  Ethanol and CO2 are the most common extraction methods you will find, and the supercritical co2, although more expensive, ensures a pure end product.  In general, co2 extracted CBD oil will be purer and more expensive that ethanol extracted oils.

2.Where is the hemp grown?

  • High Quality Hemp CBD requires high quality soil.   Hemp is a hyper accumulator and readily absorbs the nutrients or contaminants from the soil. This reason makes it necessary to know where your crop was grown, and most reputable vendors will have analysis completed that tests for pesticides, heavy metals, etc.

3.  How much THC is present in the oil?

  • This is a no brainer.  Federal regulations stipulate that hemp oil has to have less than 0.3% THC in it for it to be legal.  Any reputable company will have a lab analysis available.

4. Check for whole plant or a full spectrum label.

  • There are greater benefits derived from the entire plant as you receive more cannabinoids and terpenes than in an isolate which contains only CBD.  Full spectrum provides extra benefits but a caveat to this would be considering if you are subject to drug screenings.  If you are subject to random screenings then I'd personally lean toward an isolate to avoid any potential issues with employers who may not understand this amazing substance.  You can argue either way here.

5. Where's the analysis?

  • This is the main question I would ask.  The analysis will tell you the contents of the oil, the CBD content, and most will analyze it for heavy metals and pesticides.  NO MATTER WHERE YOU BUY YOUR CBD, IF IT DOESN'T HAVE AN ANALYSIS, STAY AWAY.

6. I found a good deal on CBD oil on Amazon or Ebay, should I buy it?

  • That depends on if you like wasting money.  It is against Amazon's and Ebay's Terms of Service to sell CBD oil. They simply do not allow it. The oils listed are hemp seed oil and do not contain the cannabinoids that you want.  

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