Hemp CBD salves

CBD salves

April 17, 2019

Salves are a different method of obtaining the benefits of CBD that many are not aware is available.  A lot of times the focus is on Hemp CBD oils but topical use of Cannabidiol products has its own share of benefits, which oftentimes can be realized faster than by ingesting the oils.  Your doctor may have prescribed you a topical cream for your hemorrhoids,  joint or muscular pain or various skin conditions. Our CBD salves deliver the goods to you the same way, although i'm not aware of any cases of CBD salves being used to help with hemorrhoids.

What is a Salve?

A salve, balm, and ointment are all used interchangeably, are oil based, and deliver the effects topically.  You'll find that many are made from different base oils, but serve a similar purpose.  

Why use salves?

The largest organ in the body serves as a protection for us but it also can serve as a molecular pathway and can quickly absorb liquid based oils.  CBD can be targeted to a specific area, be absorbed faster and get to work sooner. 

So what can topical CBD help with? 

Muscle pain, muscle soreness, arthritic joint pain and inflammation along with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.  CBD salves can even be used in the recovery process after getting tattooed by decreasing pain and inflammation.

So the recap.  CBD salves can benefit the following.

  1. muscle pain and soreness
  2. arthritic joint pain and inflammation
  3. psoriasis
  4. eczema
  5. tattoo aftercare

Check out our selection of salves today.  We'll even throw in a sample bottle of CBD salve with your order if you're interested.

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