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Advertising CBD products

April 29, 2019

Advertising is an issue with any cannabinoid product and many advertising companies such as Google, Bing, Facebook, or Instagram do not allow for advertising of CBD products. It requires some creativity in order to do any sort of advertising and promotion of ANY CBD products.  However, many are taking some liberties with their advertising that's ridiculous.  One of the ads was so absurd I can't leave it alone.

At Peyt's Promise our goal is to provide you with a variety of quality products that fit your own unique needs.  This variety provides evidence that we don't preference one brand or the other, but there are many quality brands that can suit a individuals needs.

One thing I've noticed is that many advertisements contain outright lies.  You can also refer to this as fake news or alternative facts if it pleases you.  I'm a big fan of research and have a degree in science.  Research was fundamental to my educations. With the entire internet at your disposal, there is absolutely no reason to post lies regarding other companies in order to promote one's own business.  I saw an advertisement that made claims with Dr.Oz and a lab evaluating CBD products.  The gist of video says that not everyone's products are what they say they are.  I agree that many products are not what they say they are, but they do not provide any supporting details.  This is exactly why third party testing is so important.  The article/ad I saw posted contained a number of inaccuracies and I wanted to list some of the findings in the advertisement..  

1. In this random testing of several products bought in local stores none actually had what they said was in it  --

This is why you should buy from reputable companies.  It's a very vague comment though but "none actually had what they said was in it" isn't exactly true.  They had more, less, none, and one was spot on what the label said.  This is why reputation and 3rd party testing is needed.

2. Many failed safety and purity tests and even had ecoli and ethanol in them (deadly to cancer patients)

First of all, Shiga Toxin producing E.coli  is what is being referenced and is REPORTABLE TO THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT.  This key detail being left out in the reports is what concerns me but also that it is "deadly to cancer patients" creates unnecessary panic. 

They "EVEN HAD ETHANOL IN THEM" (caps mine).  If you're using ALCOHOL extraction, there's going to be ALCOHOL in it.  This also creates unnecessary panic, as ethanol is just simple alcohol, the same simple alcohol that's in any adult beverage.  Alcohol extraction is a less expensive form of extraction of oils.

3.One product had 3 mg of thc which is illegal and would get an adult or child high for hours! So scary for parents trying to help their children! (This is why stores get raided)

This is an outright lie.  One product was a capsule and did contain right at 3mg of THC.  This is not illegal by any federal law.  Federal law limits the concentration of THC to less than 0.3%.  So a product having 3mg of THC to 1001mg of CBD would be perfectly legal.  It would be ridiculously expensive too.  CBD helps to counteract any of the effects of the THC and if it's a capsule, the bio availability is much less if you look back at my bio-availability article here.

"So scary for parents trying to help their kids" is a tactic to get you emotional about it.  I'll protect my children at all costs and I'm sure you will too. 

"this is why stores get raided" -   No it's not. 

4. My company is one of the first awarded the hemp authority seal of approval..

This one is a bit harder.  Many companies protest this seal as they want it to mean more and have more transparency. It's a small self regulatory agency that is operated by owners of some of these businesses.  You have to pay to be a part of this and for $30,000, you too can buy a seat at the Hemp Roundtable.  This agency has been described as a pay to play program and does not address synthetic CBD, GMO, or even require the hemp to be US grown. The letter is entitled "Open letter regarding the US Hemp Authority Certification Program"  

 I believe it's imperative that conduct ourselves appropriately and promote things truthfully.  There's too many untruths and obstacles when dealing with cannabis products to overcome without having to deal with the lies and fear that is spread in the name of profit.  

How does this compare with Peyt's Promise?  We strive to present facts in all of our information and let you decide what's the best for you.  Our pages and blog is constantly growing in order to dispel myths and to provide education to the consumer.  I will openly admit that I don't know it all but I'm constantly learning about the various intricacies of cannabis and seek to provide education on the topic.